Why I use twitter.

It’s way smarter than an RSS feed. It’s a lazy man’s blog. It connects the creative class. And I wanted to evaluate it firsthand.

Why I advise clients not to.

Time commitment – Clients and agencies have finite resources and finite time. A Twitter presence can become a full time job (or at least a full time distraction).

Brand awareness/affinity – If you’re a hip mom & pop Twitter can work for you. If you’re a well known brand with high awareness and decent affinity, you should be there. If you’re somewhere in the middle you have something to lose so you have to do it right. Is that time worth the investment? Perhaps not.

Consumer expectations – Whether or not you’re on Twitter it’s important to monitor it. But consumer expectations are high for responses to complaints. If you’re present with a promotional message expectations are heightened. It’s like a store with a return counter except there’s a mob yelling about the broken vcr.

You can’t be everywhere. So instead make it easy for people to share your idea, campaign or your offer through their preferred method – whether that’s email, Twitter, Facebook or whatever comes next.

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