Simple formula for account management.


As account people we’re between a rock and a hard place everyday. Came across this formula that sums up what our purpose and drive should be.

‘A very simple formula (mantra) for good account management that should be taped to every AE’s laptop: I work ON [client name]. I work FOR [agency name]. I work WITH [CD’s name] to produce great work the makes [client name] [agency name] MONEY.’

– Anonymous

This is a case where I found the comment section more insightful then the article. But this excerpt had value as well:

Five qualities of a star account person from Phil Johnson, CEO of PJA Advertising & Marketing

  • Curiosity: Seeing possibilities most of us miss.
  • Calculated risks: Knowing how and when to introduce bold new thinking to clients.
  • Tact: A sense of diplomacy has saved many a great campaign and preserved client relationships.
  • Fine-tuned instincts: Systems and process drive productive work but you must know when they stifle creativity.
  • Pure drive: The easiest way to kill an idea is to just go through the motions. Passion and hard work produce miracles.



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