How to get hired.

Spring is here and new graduates are looking to enter the work force. I’m often asked how I broke into the advertising field and how others might do the same.

The best way to enter any organization is through someone you know. But as a young graduate in a small city I wanted to do the opposite. I didn’t want the help of family or friends. If I landed the dream job there would be no question how I got it.

My philosophy was and is, it is better to be noticed and rejected then not be noticed at all. To get in the interview room I submitted few resumes, and the ones I did submit were well researched, written in the voice of the perspective employer and copied high up the corporate ladder. I apologized for the intrusion into the SVP’s inbox and then concisely stated why they wanted to speak with me – from their prospective, not mine.

Once you’re in the room it’s time to step up the confidence and energy level. Perhaps turning the tables and interviewing them a little. How do they measure the results of campaigns? What is the role of client service in their agency? Is it secondary or is it the initiator and driver of all activities? What type of clients do they pursue? Where do they see their growth coming from? How are they different? How has the game changed in the last two years? How will it change in the next five? Make it a conversation. Make them think about their business and they’ll remember you.

So time for the cliches. Be bold. Swing for the fences. Take a chance, get noticed and see where the chips land.

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