Now you’re learning.


Once you realize how little you know about a subject you’ve learned something. You’ve learned enough to know how little you know, and that’s a valuable piece of information. Now you can start to fill the knowledge gaps.

This is something I’ve experienced with photography. The journey started on a drive back from a shoot when I asked the art director and photographer why my night shots with my point and shoot where blurry – ‘Get a tripod!’ was the simultaneous response. Sometime later I picked up my first SLR for a trip across the pond. I read the manual on the flight to Heathrow and shot in green square the whole time. I was very afraid of whatever that RAW thing was. Later I went manual and shot a lot of terrible photos. Then I took a class and started to learn. I now knew what I didn’t know and could decide which knowledge gaps to fill now and which could wait. I focused on composition, exposure, depth of field and a few techniques. I decided to leave software until I had improved on the basics.

Now I’m pretty much back where I started – working on composition, but hopefully with a bit more knowledge and purpose.

Find me here:
Visual is via @joshwebbphoto – not sure where he found it, but it’s spot on!


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