Don’t forget internal communication.

‘Every life has a story.. if we only bother to read it.’

As I’ve written before your marketing investment will make little difference over the long term if the actual customer experience doesn’t reflect what’s been promised. For example, if customer service is poor you’re eroding much of the gains your advertising created. You’re spending a lot to acquire that customer, but what are you doing to ensure the brand experience is as promised?

When you’re putting together your next campaign don’t forget internal communication. It has the power to inform and motivate. But you need to do better than a poster in the break room. My most successful clients have embraced this fully and see communication with the front lines as key to the success of any campaign.

There are many challenges in translating corporate goals into actionable information front line employees will care about. This training video is a great example of taking that challenge and overcoming it with the same energy and process as if it was a public advertising campaign. Identifying the real problem, accessing the target audience, crafting the message and creating change. There’s no doubt customer service will be better because of this work. Instead of eroding their advertising investment with poor customer service, they’re living up to the brand promise and reaping the rewards of a multiplier.

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