Don’t let the tail wag the dog (The devices are winning).

Colin Drummond’s post ‘The Gift of Attention’ speaks to how the devices that connect us are actually creating distance between us. It’s a common theme that resonates with a lot of people. The same issue is the subject of Ryan Lewis’s short which can be seen above. The stop motion production depicts the daily routine of an average person and the stresses technology and devices can create in the real relationships that matter. For many people, our connection to technology has gone too far.
By replying to that email, text, tweet or wall post we’re missing out on real conversations with people in the same room as us. And worse – we’re each saying ‘I’m more important then you’. It’s time to reel it back in and connect with the people that matter in our lives.

Advertisers are picking up on the growing need to disconnect and get off the grid. The 2009 GoRVing campaign featured the broadcast spot above. ‘Never confuse the devices that connect us with the moments that keep us together.’ Good advice. So turn your BlackBerry or iPhone off tonight. No one will die and nothing will catch fire.

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