Be Ready

The above spot was produced by our friends at Zippo US to launch the new outdoor line. Recently I had the opportunity to test the products. In fact I’ve made the emergency fire starter part of my standard kit anytime I hit the trail – even if it’s just for the afternoon.

Last weekend I headed out to a new section of the East Coast Trail with friends. What I thought would be a three hour hike turned into five and half hours. As the sun got low we lost the trail for a brief moment. It was then I was glad I was prepared. If it got dark it would’ve been too dangerous to continue following the trail that often ran along the cliff’s edge. This was a reminder for me to include a head lamp in my kit as well. But at least we would’ve had fire if we had to bed down till first light.

I’ve also tried out the hand warmer. It’s not for me personally as my time outdoors in the winter involves snow shoeing and skiing where staying warm isn’t usually an issue. But if you’re into ice fishing or you’re a parent that spends a lot of time at the rink you’d enjoy one of these.  Read the reviews on MEC.  It throws out 10 times the heat of the disposable ones.

Few shots of the Pouch Cove to Flatrock trail below.

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