Marine Atlantic at HNL

In 2011, it’s a new Marine Atlantic. This year they’re proudly introducing two modern vessels to the fleet – the MVBlue Puttees and the MVHighlanders. The MV Leif Ericson has undergone a $15 million retrofit to better serve commercial customers. And starting this summer the MV Atlantic Vision will be running the Shut Eye on the Argentia route.  

This is all part of the five year plan to revitalize the organization. Supported with $500 million in new funding from the Government of Canada, the organization can invest for the future while increasing reliability today.

Our job was to communicate this sea change to stakeholders at the annual Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador conference where Marine Atlantic was a Platinum sponsor. See below for how we helped bring this message to the convention. Tactics included an 80 foot projection mapping, impact video, iPad magazine and installment that brought the Marine Atlantic experience to the convention.






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