The pimple faced kid and the CMO


Customer service used to be a counter off to the side of the cash registers. Usually staffed by a young employee who dealt with unhappy customer after unhappy customer.

Today some of these customers have taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction. This has brought run of the mill customer complaints straight to the marketing department. The result is a tendency to overreact. Problems that wouldn’t have reached the store manager now come across the CMOs desk. Sure there’s the benefit of better customer insight and turning dissatisfied customers into vocal evangelists. But there’s also the opportunity cost of lost time and distraction to the marketing function.
A separate social media team or dedicated customer service team offers a possible solution. And a well prepared content plan helps. Bottom line is you better have a strategy and a plan in place before you jump on the bandwagon and dive into the social space.
Customer complaints have been around as long as there have been customers. A compliant shouldn’t be a source of panic. It’s an opportunity. It’s simple. Have the same common sense as that pimple faced kid staffing that customer service counter. Talk to the customer and ask, “How can I help you?”. Just make sure you mean it.

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