Long copy lives!

Excerpt from Ogilvy’s How to create industrial advertising that sells:

No one reads body copy, especially not long copy.

Well, almost no one. But the few that are deeply interested in your category will. And if the copy is right and the reader stays with you till the end, you’ll leave a lasting impression.

This is particularly true with B2B advertising. Here we’re not talking about a discretionary purchase of a few dollars or even a consumer’s second largest purchase – a car. No, we’re talking about business investments often in the millions. When you’re making a decision of that magnitude you want all the information you can get.
Long copy looks like information and to be successful advertising it must actually be information. Why is your product or service a better solution than the competitor’s? Stats and figures are good, but only when they back up promises that address the consumer’s needs. Avoid MBA speak and fluffy long sentences. The reader is interested, a real prospect – so now’s no time for bull. Say what you mean and do so quickly. This isn’t about emotional appeal, it’s about business.
So don’t fear the long copy ad. Embrace it. Just make sure your offering has enough substance to back it up.
“The more you tell the more you sell”
– David Ogilvy

Ogilvy on How to create industrial advertising that sells (1974).

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