Four years ago I answered a job ad looking for both a do’er and a dreamer. Since that time I’ve been doing both guided by a few great mentors. As a young account executive I had ambition and a willingness to work – but not much else. I learned the advertising business from those around me.  And I can honestly say my colleagues at m5 are some of the smartest people I know. Our job is to create something from nothing. That’s pretty awesome.

I’ve also had some great (…and not so great) clients, but I’ve learned something from all of them. The great one’s have challenged me to bring them the best work, given me a long enough leash to do it and even considered my recommendations on how the product, not just the marketing could be better. The bad one’s? Well lets just say I’ve learned how to work with all types of people. And there’s value in that, even if I didn’t understand it at the time. 

But now it’s time to do a bit more of that dreaming. Come the New Year I’ll be hitting the trail with a backpack and camera. It’s time to see some of that other 93 percent of the world. I’m giving up quite a lot to do it. Leaving a great job, delaying buying a house and being away from an island I love dearly. But for me it’s a now or never type of thing. And when I come back the tank will be full and I’ll be ready for everything that comes next.


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  1. Joshua Stewardson says:

    Randomly came to your blog from a web design client of our’s who sent a link to your We are Consultants page…Saw you were a fellow Canadian so read more. My dad lived in Newfoundland for years so read more. Anyhow, just read this post and since we just came back from housesitting in England with my wife and not-yet-1 son and travelling a ton of Europe, I’m excited for you. For us it definitely delayed some of the things like you said, but was totally worth it. Traveling without an infant in two and no set base means you’re going to hit a whole lot more, but I know even from what we covered it was perspective transforming. Plus, now our little guy has been to 14 countries before turning one year old.Anyhow, random interwebs connection, but wanted to say I’m excited for you – enjoy and kudos for going for it!

  2. Jon Duke says:

    Joshua – Thanks for the encouragement. It’s certainly a bit of a leap for me! What an amazing opportunity you’ve created for your son. I was lucky to have travelled with my parents. I’m sure there’s a lot more to come.Thanks for taking the time to connect. It’s amazing how many people with links to Newfoundland I’ve met in my travels!

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