Zippo Hand Warmer

zippoThe m5 outdoor campaign for the new flameless Zippo Hand Warmer ran in southern Ontario this past fall. This reusable product produces ten times the heat of similar disposable options. While some retailers such as Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) were already carrying this product, awareness among retailers in Canada was low. The objective was to introduce consumers and retailers alike to the flameless Zippo Hand Warmer. The result? Sales at partner retailers jumped 200-300 percent. Plus, an iconic Canadian retailer has listed the Hand Warmer nationally for 2012!

A sucessfull follow up to the launch of the Winnipeg Jets Windproof Lighter!


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  1. Scott says:

    Who is this “iconic” retailer you mention in your post? Only MEC sells it that I can find and they sell the older version with a burner head thats not as good as the new version from Zippo.

  2. Jon Duke says:

    Hi Scott – The national retailer won’t have the product stocked until later in 2012. For now it can be ordered directly from Zippo Canada and is also available at select Things Engraved. Hope this helps!

  3. Cold Guy says:

    Zippo Canada does not do online sale from what I can tell and Things Engraved does not carry it around here anyways. Interesting products if Zippo cares to expand their Canadian presence beyond a single product at one source. Can’t figure why they paid a marketing firm yet have no retailers.

  4. David Scott says:

    I’ve written an extended, in-depth review of the Zippo Hand Warmer at outdoorgearandtravel, and it came in a very close second to a higher-tech hand-warmer.

    Google over and see my detailed review. You might get the Zippo based on price and simplicity. But you might also decide on the higher tech one. Or … another even more convenient (but less warm) technology: In the same review I also evaluate other technologies for hand warmers such as air-activated ones and rechargeable electrics.

    The Zippo is great but it suffers from two shortcomings that the champion has: ability to turn it off without smothering it in a plastic bag, and the ability to light it without a flame.

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