25 Stories of Hope


m5 was excited to jump onboard and support the Choices for Youth Christmas campaign again this year. Our 2012 campaign #realfirstworldproblems, was well received by the community and lead to an 250% increase in donations year over year, plus a ton of awareness for the issue.

For those of you who don’t know, Choices for Youth is a non-profit organization that assists hundreds of youth in our community as they struggle to meet their most basic needs. For a city that on the surface doesn’t appear to have a significant homeless population, the shelters, food banks, and drop-in services in St. John’s are constantly being stretched to meet the needs of those lacking a safe and secure home. Choices provides anything from a hot meal to supportive housing and transitional programs, all with the aim of helping youth get back on track and leading happier, healthier lives.

Choices staff worked tirelessly at this years campaign and the result was 25 Stories of Hope. We created an advent calendar website to host the stories, with a new video, photo or written story being revealed each week. The team also executed intercepts at local shopping centres and the annual Santa Clause Parade. A press event organized by the Choices team lead to great coverage of the issues of youth homelessness, mental health and addition.

Given the huge increase in donations last year, we knew it would be a challenge to raise the bar even higher and help even more youth. But with huge support from the community donations increased a further 20 percent. Choices also experienced a 250 percent increase in Facebook “likes” and 20,000 Facebook engagements (clicks, likes, comments, shares). This campaign was another huge success as it personalized the issue and showed that with support anything is possible.

View the stories at m5i.com/25stories

CBC 25 Stories of Hope








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