Understanding Changes Everything

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Mental illness and addictions affects us all. Approximately 1 in 5 of us will experience it directly this year. That means all of us have mental illness and addictions in our lives. Stigma is a big reason people often don’t seek help. We started down the road of changing that.

The latest spot below builds on the campaign that began earlier this year. We ensured our creative approach was about seeing the person, not the illness. We wanted to tell their story and have complimented the television spots with real life stories on the website. We also felt it was important to focus on recovery. Campaigns that show people in crisis get your attention, but may actually build, rather than reduce stigma. Our central insight was if people understood more, it would change how they thought about the issue. And that understanding would be the start of changing everything. See more of the campaign at understandnow.ca.

understanding changes everything

1 in 5 70 percent childhood


children and youth


the path

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